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Albany River

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Albany River

The Albany river flows from its headwaters at Lake St. Joseph and Lake Osnaburgh all the way to James Bay, a 792km length. Historically, part of a trading route frequented by both the Coureurs des bois and the Voyageurs, that ultimately reached all the way to Lake Winnipeg. During that time several trading posts were established along its route. There are a number of First Nation communities throughout the Albany watershed basin.


Take highway 599 which begins at Ignace on highway 17 and runs north 137 kilometres (85 miles) to Savant Lake and a further 150 kilometres to Lake Osnaburgh. Logistically, it may be convenient to park at Savant Lake (a Via Rail train stop) and arrange a shuttle or fly-in to the put-in, returning by train from Armstrong. Alternatively, your trip could begin in Wabakimi Provincial Park, accessing the Albany via Rockcliff Lake and the Misehkow River. Of course, to shorten the trip, a fly-in or fly-out could be arranged. There are outfitters on both Hwy 527 and 599 providing flight services.


We now offer two routes that include, perhaps the most interesting 200 kilometre section of the Albany and which end in Wabakimi Provincial Park to the South. Both leave the Albany at Gowie Bay and follow the Attwood River and Witchwood River to Whiteclay Lake, with a choice of endings from there.


Albany River, Pikitigushi Can$35
From Hwy 599, put-in either at Osnaburg Lake or the closer Pashkokogan Lake access and paddle the exciting Albany River from its headwaters to Gowie Bay. Then turning south, follow the Attwood and Witchwood River systems to Whiteclay Lake and either the Raymond and Pikitugushi Rivers to Pikitigushi Lake or Whitewater Lake and the Caribou River to Little Caribou Lake. 400 kms, 3 to 4 weeks.
Rockliff Lake, Albany River, Pikitigushi Can$35
An amazing trip from the heart to the outer regions of this great canoeing region. Paddle from Wabakimi up to the Albany River and back south to the Pikitigushi River, via the Attwood and Witchwood River systems. 3 weeks (If you want to begin the trip from a different point or paddle in to join this route, just get in touch and we will prepare a custom map for you)

Dusk on the Misehkow from the campsite below the Falls
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